Naturhouse’s mission is to teach people to eat well and maintain their “healthy weight” and to become a leader in the nutrition market in the countries where we operate, with the aim of actively contributing to social well-being and value generation for our stakeholders.

Our values are based on the strictest sense of responsibility and ethics, which means all our employees include in their work Naturhouse’s commitment to the economic, social and environmental progress of the places where we do business.

Our fundamental values include the following:

  • Honesty: Beyond strict compliance with the law, codes of conduct and internal regulations, all Naturhouse professionals work with maximum transparency and honesty.
  • Leadership: Our vocation is to lead all the markets in which we operate and to do this, we have a highly qualified and results-oriented team of professionals, which works towards ensuring maximum satisfaction among our clients.
  • Transparency: Naturhouse is ruled by a policy of constant transparency, which is fulfilled through permanently open communication channels to guarantee that our stakeholders have access to clear, true, complete, consistent and simultaneous information.
  • Vitality: We are able to adapt to different cyclical changes and the different characteristics of each country and this is down to the fact that we are a geographically diversified company.
  • Excellence: Our priority is to offer maximum quality and satisfaction to our clients.
  • Care for the people who work with us: Contributing to the professional and personal development of our employees is one of our priorities, as we consider our employees to be one of the company’s main assets.