18 January, 2017

Naturhouse opens 156 centres in 2016, reaching a total of 2,279 stores and exceeding the 2015-16 guidance by 85 centres



  • With this new record, Naturhouse once again shows its considerable capacity for growth, the appeal of its franchises and the strength of its brand.
  • With the opening of these new centres, Naturhouse has exceeded its growth plan for 2015 and 2016 by 85 centres, having previously forecast 240 net openings for the period.
  • After entering India, Malta and Hungary in 2016, the group is now present in 32 countries.


Madrid, 18 January 2016.- Naturhouse, a company specialising in the sale of diet products and dietary re-education, stepped up its growth process in 2016 with the opening of 156 centres, to reach a grand total of 2,279 centres in 32 countries. The intensive commercial endeavours shown by the company from the very beginning, along with the interest sparked by the brand and the appeal of its franchises, have made this new record possible.

The 156 centres opened in 2016 mean the company has exceeded the 240 net openings set in its guidance for 2015-16 by 85 centres.

This positive development is down to the favourable evolution of the group’s main markets of France, Italy and Poland, with 58, 24 and 61 centres opened, respectively, and to the other countries that continue to contribute to the Group.

Naturhouse’s international growth has also been positive, reaching a total of 32 different markets with the addition of India, Hungary and Malta, providing further proof that Naturhouse’s business model works in any country, regardless of culture, religion or customs.

According to chairman Félix Revuelta, “Exceeding the 2015-16 guidance by so many centres and continuously opening up new countries, while strengthening our main markets, shows once again the potential of the Naturhouse brand. As such, in 2017, we will continue to develop our sales departments in order to provide a fresh boost to our presence worldwide, with a special interest in developing our markets in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.”

The first nine months of 2016 saw Naturhouse increase its turnover by 3.4% to €76.6 million and its net profit by 1% to €18.85 million. It has also paid out €17 million in dividends, making it one of the leading companies on the Spanish stock exchange in terms of per-dividend yield. These figures once again highlight the group’s capacity for growth, the strength of its balance sheet and its attractive shareholder remuneration.

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Naturhouse is a Spanish business group listed on the Spanish stock exchange that works in the diet and nutrition sector, with a proprietary and distinctive business model based on the “Naturhouse Method”. The method combines the sale of food supplements with free, personalised advice and monitoring from a qualified specialist. Since it opened its first shop in the Spanish city of Vitoria in 1992, Naturhouse has provided advice to more than 6,500,000 people. The company, which operates in 32 countries, had 2,279 centres at 31 December 2016, both directly operated and franchises. Naturhouse is the only diet food business to be present throughout the whole value chain, from product development and manufacturing to sales and customer assessment. This, alongside the business’ low investment requirements and an attractive return for franchisees, has meant the company has received numerous awards. For seven consecutive years, it has been selected as one of the top 100 franchises worldwide by Franchise Direct.


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