Mr. Félix Revuelta

Félix Revuelta is Executive Chairman of Naturhouse Group and its major shareholder through Kiluva, of which he is Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has also been a Board Member at SNIACE and Natraceutical, S.A. He previously worked at the Spanish National Industrial Institute and as a Consultant and subsequently Director at DIETISA (the Spanish subsidiary of Dietetique et Santé). Félix Revuelta is an economist.

Mr. Kilian Revuelta
Vice Chairman

Kilian Revuelta is Vice Chairman of Naturhouse Group. He is also a Board Member of Kiluva, S.A. He previously ran the Portuguese subsidiary of the Group, worked as Export Manager for Naturhouse Group, Sales Representative at Naturhouse Group in the Balearics and worked in Administration and Accounting at Naturhouse Group. Kilian Revuelta has a degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Family Business Management, both from Queens University Belfast.

Ms. Vanesa Revuelta
Vice Chairman

Vanesa Revuelta is Vice Chairman of Naturhouse Group. She is also Vice Chairman of Kiluva, S.A. and, since 2002, has been Editor of Peso Perfecto magazine. Before taking this position, she worked as an Export Manager at Naturhouse Group, Sales Representative at Naturhouse Group in the Balearics and worked in Administration and Accounting at Naturhouse Group. Vanesa Revuelta has a degree in History from the Universidad de Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in International Business from London City College.

D. François Gaydier
Managing Director of France

Before joining Naturhouse, François Gaydier occupied a number of senior management roles as Vice President of Kiluva and CEO and Board Member at Natraceutical for six years, where he led the recent merger with Laboratorio Reig Jofre. He was also Managing Director of Forté Farma and previously worked as International Director at Procter & Gamble and Wella-Cosmopolitan Cosmetics. François has a degree in Business Administration and Management and an MBA from ESCP Europe. He speaks French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Mr. Rafaello Pellegrini
General Manager, Italy

Rafaello Pellegrini has a degree in Economics from Università Bocconi (Milan) and a degree in Accounting and International Finance from Universidad de La Habana (Cuba). He was Founder and General Manager of CUBA 3, working in the field of hotel management and real estate. He is also Founding Partner and Chairman of CRISTOBAL, a consultancy and events management company. He has been the General Manager of Naturhouse in Italy since 2005.

Piotr Rafat Podlaszewski
General Manager, Poland

Piotr Rafat Podlaszewski has extensive experience in commercial management and marketing, having worked for 14 years as Managing Director of Ormazabal, which is part of the Velatia industrial group, where he was in charge of both setting up the company's subsidiary in Poland and its subsequent growth. He was previously in charge of exports and marketing at Zawar. Mr Podlaszewski is a graduate of the Lodz University of Technology and has a Master's degree in Marketing and Management from the same institution

Mr. Hugo Campillo
Chief Financial Officer

Hugo Campillo has a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He began his career at Task Force as a consultant, where he worked on a major project for Banco de Sabadell. In 2006, he joined Grupo Kiluva as a Controller and then went on to work as Chief Administrative Officer. In 2014, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Naturhouse Group.