23 July, 2018

Naturhouse earns €10.94 million in the first half of 2018 and proposes the payment of a dividend of €0.17/share on 14 September 2018, providing a dividend yield of 4.75% in the 6 first moths of the year.


  • Naturhouse maintains its solid financial position, ending the half-year period with a net cash position of €15.7 million, which does not include €4 million pending repayment from the Spanish Tax Authority.
  • The group is committed to an integrated model of stores and online sales in the UK and US and, with this approach, hopes to make swifter progress in developing the two markets.
  • Naturhouse maintains its payout commitment for 2018 at 85% and undertakes to maintain an EBITDA margin within the 30%-35% range.



Madrid, 23 July 2018.- Naturhouse, a company specialising in the sale of dietary products and dietary re-education, has registered revenues of €50.45 million, while highlighting the favourable performance of products not necessarily linked to the weight loss process, such as detox products and especially ready meals, which continue to show double-digit growth.

EBITDA stands at €15.8 million and the EBITDA margin at 31.3%, which is already within the group’s target range (30%-35%), as anticipated in the results for 1Q18. Net profit, meanwhile, stood at €10.94 million.

Naturhouse continued to experience the effects of the bad weather in the second quarter of 2018, which meant fewer people visited the company’s stores until almost mid-June. Even so, countries such as Italy and Poland showed improvements compared to the trends registered in 1Q18. France, meanwhile, underwent a change in management, which was completed with the appointment ratification of Francois Gaydier, who will shepherd the country’s growth in the coming quarters.

As for the US and the UK, Naturhouse is committed to an integrated model of stores and online sales, which means the group will continue to allocate resources to developing and implementing new technologies, which we hope will allow us to make swifter progress with developing the two markets.

In terms of international growth, following the group’s entry into Austria, Naturhouse now operates in 34 countries, once again highlighting the business model’s ability to adapt to any country in the world, regardless of culture, religion or level of development.

As for the number of stores, Naturhouse has opened 9 centres in 2018, which means the total number worldwide now comes to a new record of 2,369.

Naturhouse continues to show a solid financial position. In terms of net cash position, the company ended 1H18 with €15.7 million after paying out €7.2 million in dividends and while awaiting a repayment of €4 million from the Spanish Tax Authority. If this latter amount were included, the company’s net cash position at the end of 1H18 would have stood at €19.7 million.

The Board of Directors has agreed to pay an interim dividend of €0.17 a share, which will be paid on 14 September, thus placing dividend yield at 4.75% with this payment alone.

The company is also reaffirming its commitment in 2018 to maintaining the EBITDA margin within the 30%-35% range, while also sustaining a minimum payout rate of 85%.

According to Félix Revuelta, Chairman of Naturhouse, “I continue to be optimistic about 2018, because despite the first half of the year being marked by negative weather conditions that have affected our sales, our main markets are in a good position to take advantage of a positive overall macroeconomic situation in the countries where we operate, the outcomes of the steps we have already taken and the continued strength shown by our brand. Together, all of these factors will contribute to maintaining our position as one of the leaders on the Spanish Stock Exchange in terms of dividend yield.”


*based on the closing price for June 2018 (€3.58/share)


About Naturhouse


Naturhouse is a Spanish business group listed on the Spanish stock exchange that works in the diet and nutrition sector, with a proprietary and distinctive business model based on the “Naturhouse Method”. The method combines the sale of food supplements with free, personalised advice and monitoring from a qualified specialist. Since it opened its first shop in the Spanish city of Vitoria in 1992, Naturhouse has provided advice to more than 6,500,000 people. The company, which operates in 34 countries, had 2,369 centres at 30 June 2018, both directly operated and franchises. Naturhouse is the only diet food business to be present throughout the whole value chain, from product development and manufacturing to sales and customer assessment. This, alongside the business’ low investment requirements and an attractive return for franchisees, has meant the company has received numerous awards. For nine consecutive years, it has been selected as one of the top 100 franchises worldwide by Franchise Direct.


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