23 February, 2018

Naturhouse earns €19.9 million in 2017 and proposes paying a dividend of €0.12/share on 7 May 2018. With the proposed payment, the total dividend for 2017 stands at €0.32/share, the payout rate at 97.6% and per-dividend yield at 7.92%*.

  • Naturhouse has fulfilled its EBITDA margin commitment, which stood at 31% (inside the forecast range), and surpasses its payout commitment by reaching 97.6% vs the 85% minimum target.
  • Spain consolidates its recovery by growing for the second consecutive year and the restructuring process in the four main countries’ commercial departments, carried out with the aim of boosting sales, is completed.
  • Naturhouse maintains its payout commitment for 2018 at 85% and commits to keeping the EBITDA margin within the 30%-35% range.



Madrid, 23 February 2018.- Naturhouse, a company specialising in the sale of diet products and dietary re-education, registered a turnover of €94.7m in 2017, thus highlighting the positive performance of the domestic market, which grew for the second consecutive year. EBITDA stood at €29.3 million and the EBITDA margin at 31%, placing it within the group’s target range (30%/35%). Meanwhile, Net Profits stood at €19.9 million.

Last year, Naturhouse completed the implementation of the strategy launched in 2016, which consisted of bringing in senior sales profiles, introducing new products and committing to more efficient advertising in line with new market requirements with the aim of boosting sales, improving store profitability and increasing our customer base. As such, there is optimism regarding the Group’s performance in 2018.

As for international growth, after launching in Ireland, Naturhouse is now present in 33 countries, thus highlighting once again the business model’s ability to adapt to any country, regardless of culture, religion or level of development.

With regards to centre numbers, Naturhouse opened 81 stores in 2017, reaching a new record of 2,360 centres worldwide.

Naturhouse closed 2017 with a net cash position of €5.2 million, after paying €22.8 million in dividends and in anticipation of the repayment of €10 million by the Spanish Tax Authority. With this figure included, the Group’s net cash position for 2017 would have stood at €15.2 million.

The Board of Directors has proposed the payment of a final dividend for 2017 of €0.12/share, to be paid on 7 May 2018, which leads to a total dividend for 2017 of €0.32/share, a payout rate of 97.6% and a per-dividend yield of 7.92%.

Meanwhile, for 2018, the company has committed to keeping the EBITDA margin within the 30%-35% range and the minimum payout level at 85%.

According to Félix Revuelta, Chairman of Naturhouse, “I am optimistic about 2018, as we have successfully completed a thorough process of restructuring in our commercial department as a means of adapting to the market’s new demands. We remain highly focused on developing new countries, where we have taken major steps in embarking on more solid growth, and this has been done without abandoning a shareholder remuneration policy that is at the forefront of the Spanish Stock Exchange.”


*based on the closing price for 2017


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